Our grants

Our main grants programme supports research in world class institutions and education for the disadvantaged in South Africa and Suffolk.  On this page, and our news page, you will find some information about a small selection of some of the organisations supported currently and previously, by the Frank Jackson Foundation.    For a full list and more information, please read our annual reports.

Environmental Research

Environmental Change InstituteThe largest of the Foundation’s grants is in support of  research posts at The Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford (ECI) and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative at Cambridge University (CCI)  Their research is of great importance to the future of our society.  Through these and others we also work to ensure learning is communicated so we all may work together to minimise environmental degradation.



Teacher Training in South Africa with  Vula Mathematics

Mathematics is fun! Vula Maths Project

Mathematics is fun! Vula Maths Project

Teaching teachers to teach.  The Vula Programme is an educational outreach programme with an to provide effective and relevant educational programmes, chiefly in Mathematics and Physical Science, to create maximum impact on teaching and learning. They work with Mathematics and Physical Science teachers and their learners at under-resourced township and rural schools in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal.  The mathematics project has been running since 2007 with funding from the Frank Jackson Foundation.  Each year they train over 200 maths teachers, and impact upon over 3000 children in the regions poorest schools.

The Western Cape Primary Science Programme (PSP) is a teacher in-service training and support organisation that has been working since 1985 to address the inequalities in education in South Africa.

Primary Science Programme Teachers maths and Science training workshop 2016The PSP is a centre for excellence in primary education and aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in South African primary schools in the critical fields of Mathematics & Numeracy, Natural Sciences & Technology, Environment, Language & Literacy Development and Social Sciences.

With Frank Jackson Foundation funding, PSP are supporting teachers at Ukhanyo Primary School in Masipumelele, Cape Town.


Scholarship Programmes in South Africa

Since 2007 the Frank Jackson Foundation has supported a
Scholarship Programme at Cordwalles Preparatory School in Pietermaritzburg,
South Africa.

FJF Trustees visit Cordwalles Prep School South Africa to meet sponsored boys. 2017

FJF Trustees visit Cordwalles Prep School South Africa to meet sponsored boys. 2017

The Frank Jackson Foundation Scholarship is awarded to pupils from previously
disadvantaged backgrounds.  Each year, 2 boys are awarded the prestigious
Scholarship entering Grade 4 in January. The Scholarship is worth up to 100%
of tuition and boarding.

Clifton College Nottingham Road

Clifton College Nottingham Road

These Foundation Scholarship boys are fortunate enough to enjoy many
sports activities offered on expansive playing fields, well equipped
classrooms and exciting music and cultural programmes at Cordwalles before
they leave at the end of Grade 7 to enter High School.

In 2011 this programme was extended to 2 girls each year at at Clifton Nottingham Road Preparatory School.  Almost all of the boys and girls the Foundation has sponsored, who have completed their years at Prep School have gone on to secure full scholarships to attend prestigious private secondary schools around South Africa.

http://www.cordwalles.co.za/     http://cliftonprep.co.za/notties/

Sailing Adventures for Disabled and Underprivileged Children

The Island Trust  provides life changing sailing activities for children with special needs, disabilities, and those experiencing hardship and deprivation

  • They help disadvantaged and disabled young people to develop self confidence and improve their communication and life skills through the challenge of learning to sail
  • The Island Trust works with individuals, schools, youth groups and community organisations, locally and nationally from their base in Devon.

The Foundation also provides similar support to Cirdan Sailing Trust http://cirdantrust.org/ in East Anglia, and Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust http://www.ellenmacarthurcancertrust.org/ for Sail training /outward bound adventures.

The most recent addition to our partnerships in this area is the Pioneer Sailing Trust, through whom the Foundation is proud  to support the training of apprentice boat builders. http://pioneerck18.org/

Find out more about some of our main grant recipients by visiting their websites.

Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University :- http://www.eci.ox.ac.uk/
ambridge Conservation Initiative: – http://www.conservation.cam.ac.uk/ 

Vula Project :- http://vula.hiltoncollege.com/
The Access project :- http://www.theaccessproject.org.uk
Cordwalles School :- http://www.cordwalles.co.za
Clifton School :- http://www.cliftonprep.co.za
Masicorp / Ukhanyo School :- http://www.masicorp.org/MasiUkhanyo.htm
Western Cape Primary Science Project : – http://psp.org.za
The Island Trust :- http://www.theislandtrust.org.uk
Cirdan Sailing Trust : – http://cirdantrust.org/
Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust – http://www.ellenmacarthurcancertrust.org
ioneer Sailing Trust: – http://pioneerck18.org/
Gresham College: – http://www.gresham.ac.uk
The Seckford Foundation – http://www.seckford-foundation.org.uk/
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust – http://www.wcmt.org.uk/
uffolk Community Foundation: – http://suffolkcf.org.uk/
The Green Light Trust: – http://www.greenlighttrust.org/
Sozo Foundation : –  http://thesozofoundation.org.za/ 
Ikamva Youth : – http://ikamvayouth.org/
The Learning Trust: – http://www.thelearningtrust.org/

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